Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Antonio Berardi FALL 2008

High Tec C pens, Photoshop, Sketchbook

This is for the runway illustration thread.

Antonio Berardi FW 2008


jack bespoke said...

beautifully drawn, love the shading technique u did!
i have some illustrations on my blog i'd love you to see, totally thinkin about entering this thread contest sounds like fun!

check out it:

Jyun said...

I love your sketches. This chick from Antonio Berardi looks like a Japanese doll. Could you do a quick sketch of me? :P

SwanDiamondRose said...

it's really nice to see your drawings! i like them. i like their antiquation. sort of spidery and alive too. i hope that makes sense.

scrapbook said...

hiya, luna - this is really beautiful - i like the way you execute the contrast of the corseted bodice and the cap! the details are fantastic!

btw: thank you for your wonderful words, keep in touch, xx

Schnappy said...

It's cool! I love green! :)